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HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS! #Sephora #PatMcGrathLabs #Farsali #TooFaced #CharlotteTilbury #FABbeauty

This makeup haul was brought to you by my birthday. But really, my husband who got me a Sephora gift card for the occasion.

Oof, this is a lot of stuff to talk about. So it was my birthday last week, and I’m not an old dinosaur yet (J/K, basically crossed the threshold into my mid-thirties). My husband was kindly enough to feed into my makeup addiction, and got me a Sephora gift card. I already had a cart full of stuff ready to go, so the gift card didn’t last long. Also, Sephora finally released some good rewards. I’ve been hoarding my points since the Cretaceous Period and had enough to redeem $200 or store credit on top of my gift card. Yes, I beauty addiction is real. Anyway, I’ve basically used everything except for the holy grail Pat McGrath palette. Which was the item I was most excited about, go figure!

Anyway, let’s start with the FAB products. I picked up the Hello FAB Kona Eye Stick ($24). According to the description, it is a three-in-one cooling and soothing eye treatment that instantly hydrates, de-puffs, and primes tired eyes. I’ve used it under concealer when doing my makeup. I feel like it helps add a tad more moisture and de-puff my under eye area. I also picked up the Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer ($24), which is a funny name for a concealer. But I digress. I bought the WRONG SHADE (of course). I got the Light shade, I should have picked up Fair. Usually when I blindly select a concealer or foundation online, I go with light/medium with neutral undertones. This one is a bit too orange for me, but I thought I’d keep it as a color-corrector. It is described as, a flexible, second-skin concealer that provides buildable, weightless coverage with superfood avocado to help hydrate and nourish the skin. It is a nice and creamy consistency and I find it to be medium coverage that is buildable. I also find it doesn’t crease much, woohoo! So this velociraptor does recommend these products.

Next up, we have new product from Farsali, the Skintune Blur Perfecting Primer Serum ($54). I love me a good pore-filler face primer, so I was excited about this new release. I was expecting this to be a bit more liquidy in consistency than it actually is. The product is actually a bit thick, but it spreads easily enough. They describe it as: “a silky, tuned finish with Skintune Blur. This multi-functional primer-serum is lightweight, hydrating, and leaves a soft, powder-like finish. It contains vitamin C to brighten and even the look of skin tone, mushroom-derived poria cocos to soothe, and cucumber extract to condition skin. Achieve a smooth canvas for makeup and a youthful look that lasts all day”.

Well, they sold me at youthful! I tend to use 2 different primers when I do my makeup. I’ve gotten into the habit of just using pore-filler kind on and around my nose, and my Guerlain primer around the rest of my face. Not sure why I do this, I guess I see beauty guru’s do this, and just decided to follow along. So this one also gets the velociraptor seal of approval. Though, if you want a cheaper primer that does the same, try the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer ($39) It helps my makeup stay on, and it blurs my pores. I think I would actually also wear this alone, on top of a moisturizer as well. I haven’t done this yet. 

Charlotte Tilbury recently became available at Sephora. I decided to take the bait, and try the Bar Of Gold Highlighting Palette ($58). Let me tell you, it is SMALL. I was bit shocked by this. Here is the description, “A trio of pressed powder highlighters featuring three must-have shades—original Bar of Gold, soft pink-tinted rose gold, and deep shimmer bronze-gold.” I swatched it as well. While it is a nice trio, I prefer a more blinding highlight. These are bit subtle for me, but pretty. So if you’re a classy lady pterodactyl that likes a more subtle highlight, you may enjoy this. I personally will not be giving it the velociraptor seal of approval, as I feel like there are less-expensive options out there that perform similar or better. 


I heard this foundation has a bit of a cult-following, so I thought I’d try it. We have the Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation – Peaches and Cream Collection by Too Faced ($36).  Now, I have oily and acne-prone skin. So I usually go for matte or semi-matte foundations that are more full-coverage. The description is, “A transfer-resistant, medium-coverage foundation that creates a smooth canvas for flawless, comfortable, matte wear that is never cakey or mask-like.” So I (of course) got the wrong shade again (Light Beige), it’s a little too dark for me. But I tried it anyway. I don’t find this to be full-coverage at all. I would call it a light to medium coverage. So I had to add a few layers, which I’m not a fan of doing. However, I will say, it sits on the skin really nicely.  That is the saving grace. So I actually do continue to use this. I happen to have some Catrice makeup drops in a light shade and dark shade, so I can adjust foundation shades on my own. I think it’s good for light makeup days. So I will give it the velociraptor seal of approval.

Last but not least, we have the Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette – Bronze Seduction by Pat McGrath ($125). Okay, so this one is an expensive bish, but she is worth it. Although, I didn’t actually pay anything for it, with my Sephora credits. But whatever. The description is “A palette of 10 richly-pigmented shades and five next-generation formulas that come together to fashion your most fixating looks for luxury at your fingertips.” This is a gorgeous palette and the swatches don’t do it justice. But I’d like to actually use it before I give it a yay or nay.  So for now, I will leave you with some quick swatches and the hope that I will return with my complete thoughts when I’ve done a few eye looks with it. 


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