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I had the opportunity to check out a local salon, for their Sweet 16 party. Blondie Salon recently went under some renovations. While I didn’t visit this salon prior to renovations, it looks amazing now. They offer a variety of services, from spa treatments, to hair treatments. Since I found out about this event from a local bloggers group, I was on the list for an awesome VIP swag bag as well.


The event was amazing. They had a lot of food, drinks, and desserts. The staff was also super friendly. They gave me a quick low-down of the event and offered me drinks. I also sat down at the Dermalogica area to get my face mapped. They gave me some product recommendations for my skin. Basically, I have the tendency to use products that are too drying for my oily skin. Oops! I’m trying to get better about not using harsh cleansers. 


Aside from enjoying the food, I also got a temporary hair color from L’Oreal put in. I added a purple streak to my hair that washes out. The effect is similar to hair chalk, but less messy. A good option for a temporary pop of color. 


It was definitely a cool event, the mayor even came to wish the ladies best of luck with the renovations. Now onto the swag bag!


I got some really great full-size hair sprays, and samples of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment. I actually really like the L’Oreal shampoo. It doesn’t strip the red color from my dyed hair. Which is no easy feat, considering red doesn’t last long on me. I also got a gift card and a voucher for a discounted facial. I was thinking of using the gift card to get eyelash extensions. But I need to do more research first. I hear you have to be careful what kind of eye products you use when you have eyelash extensions. Definitely no mascara or oil-based products. So I have to think about this a bit further, stay tuned my Jurassic friends!


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