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I’ve had my eye on the sparkling delight that is the Dose of Colors Friendcation eye shadow palette. So when I got a coupon for Ulta, I threw that shiz in my basket! I also added in a silicone pad brush cleaner from J.Cat Beauty. 


The palette swatches beautifully! I like that they included matte transition shades in addition to the amazing metallic shades. So I was able to use the entire palette to make a look. I don’t recall any patchiness from the matte shades, or real fallout from the metallic shades. Overall, I really liked this palette. I think next time I will try a look with the metallic olive shade, it is gorgeous!


The silicone pad works well. I clean my brushes weekly, so this is a handy tool to get all the caked on eye shadow and foundation off my brushes. These items get the Velociraptor Seal of Approval! 


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