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Sorry for the hiatus folks! Don’t worry I didn’t go extinct. I have been sick for a couple of weeks so I haven’t had a chance to blog or test out new makeup. But that changes today! I am reviewing the new Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter set. Geez try saying that three times fast! I’ve actually had this palette for a while, but didn’t have a chance to review it for you. October and November have been very busy months for me, yikes.

For for those of you that don’t like colorful highlighters this palette is likely not for you. However I live for a colorful highlight! What I like about this set, is it has pretty good shade range for different skin tones. While I can’t use some of the shades as highlighter, I actually prefer this as a eyeshadow palette. The colors are really stunning and sparkly!

It’s pretty versatile. You could make some nice neutral looks with the brown and orange tones. Or, do something more fun with the blues and purples and shimmery shades. As you can see, it’s watches beautifully. It also looks great on the eye. I’ve had the chance to use this as an eyeshadow and really love the look. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of my eyeshadow look. So next time I use this palette, I will edit this post and throw in and eyeshadow look. This palette gets the velociraptor seal of approval.

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