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Ok so I didn’t technically *need* a new hairdryer, but I got one! I love to try a gimmicky product every once in a while, and this struck my fancy. I picked up the One Step Volumizer Hair Dryer by Revlon ($59). I’m still keeping my old one, because my husband uses it and I don’t feel like this is going to be my “everyday” dryer.

I just got it the other day and have used it once so far. I do find it easy to use. Now I don’t have to hold a brush and hairdryer at the same time. But I do find the wand on this product to not that comfortable. I have thick and slightly wavy hair. Drying it is a process and anything I can do to make it easier, works for me. I’m not sure how long it normally takes me to dry my hair, but I was able to get my hair mostly dry in a little over 10 minutes. Keep in mind my hair is also fairly long.

I didn’t play with the volumizing part too much, I mostly used the dryer to straighten my hair. To add volume, it suggests grabbing hair by root end with the circular part of the dryer, and style as you would with a large round brush. You can flatten your hair by not drying it from under the root, but motioning straight down like a flat iron. I wish this product had more settings, it only has high, low, and cold. But the high feature is one I would use most. You can use the cool feature to lock it in place after.

While I like how my my hair dried, I don’t feel like it got my hair as dry as my regular hair dryer. Which isn’t really a problem, it was dry enough. But probably not ideal for me in the winter time. Despite a slight learning curve for me, I do like this dryer. So I can give it the velociraptor seal of approval!

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