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Hello world! We are back from a near extinction, mostly because my domain is going to renew, and I need to justify spending the money for this domain. Sorry I forgot about my private slice of internet, because life, uh, finds a way to distract me from blogging. Today, we’ll discuss these awesome neons from Huda beauty! These are cute mini Neon Obsessions palettes retail for $29/ea. I picked mine up from Sephora in June.Not all these palettes are created equal, 2 out of 3 are great.

First up, the neon pink. This is probably my favorite out of the three. The mattes and all of these palettes are actually really amazing. However, some of the metallic shades leave much to be desired. I was able to build up the metallics, to get them to work. I didn’t try wetting them, so maybe you would have better luck doing that. I get the feeling the metallics are likely meant to be toppers, as opposed to a opague metallic eyeshadow. Take this swatches with a grain of salt, as shadows perform differently once on the lid then on the arm. I created a I look with this eyeshadow palette, of course I forgot to document it. The shadows build quite nicely.

My swatches did not come out great with the neon green palette. But it could also have to do with some of the shades blending my skin tone. I didn’t have much luck with this one. It took a while to build, and was a bit patchy. I’m also not impressed with the color scheme for this one either. I don’t think it’s “neon enough” for me. Shots fired!

Last but not least the neon orange. This one is my second favorite. Overall, it’s solid. You still have to build the colors, especially the metallics, but you can definitely build it and make a great look.

I would say, if you’re only a little interested in these, just get the pink. The orange is a good choice as well. I can’t give the green the velociraptor seal of approval, it’s not worth the price.


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