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HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS! #Sephora #PatMcGrathLabs #Farsali #TooFaced #CharlotteTilbury #FABbeauty

Oof, this is a lot of stuff to talk about. So it was my birthday last week, and I'm not an old dinosaur yet (J/K, basically crossed the threshold into my mid-thirties). My husband was kindly enough to feed into my makeup addiction, and got me a Sephora gift card. I already had a cart… Continue reading HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS! #Sephora #PatMcGrathLabs #Farsali #TooFaced #CharlotteTilbury #FABbeauty

bbloggers, cosmetics, makeup, skin care


Hello world! I'm doing my first official review. A few weeks back, I was a good dinosaur and only bought ONE THING from the Sephora VIB Rouge 20% off sale. Side note, I always want to spell rouge as rogue. So I'll apologize in advance when I make this mistake. Before you declare me a… Continue reading REVIEW: GLAMGLOW STARPOTION